Foto de 365 days in Porto.


Recebemos a semana passada, os/as novos/as voluntários/as – ao abrigo do Serviço Voluntário Europeu – que passarão os próximos 12 meses a colaborar nos projetos da FAJDP e das Associações Juvenis. Podes ficar a saber como foi a primeira semana deles através das suas próprias palavras!


My first EVS week in Porto flew really fast. It‘s still hard to believe that I am here, so far from my home. But I feel comfortable and welcomed here, so I guess not long from now I will call Porto my city.  Work started before long, but pretty easily – nothing unexpected. Probably, because I knew what field I am going to work in. I‘m very glad and thankful for opportunity to work in the House of Associations, so far it feels like it‘s the best fit for me. Getting to know various organizations, chance to generate ideas for pursuing youth and NGO‘s empowerment and even wandering around the unexplored city searching for inspiration for our new projects is a dream job for me. On the first week we started Portuguese language course, which is a challenge for me, but thanks to our teacher Amelia everything is much easier and now I can pretend to be Portuguese while shopping for groceries! Until the cashier tells me how much I have to pay – numbers are still pretty hard to understand.  All in all, first week was a blast! I got to know my flatmates (who are very nice, by the way), started my work in the House of Associations and now I can’t wait for my EVS experience to be even more adventurous and challenging! To be continued…



I’m in Porto for a week. I am trying to get used to my new beautiful city. I have new friends who share the same house. For the first time i have friends who from different nations. It makes me feel good.

We started to work in the FAJDP. I work with the excitement of being a volunteer. I met new people who we will do new projects together.
We also started to study Portuguese. It will be great to learn a new language from the beginning.

I’m exploring the city in my leisure time. I am taking photos. This city inspires me.

It is very exciting to be here for a year.



Paradoxically our week started on Tuesday and we met for the first time in the House of Associations. Lea and Susana let us try ‘’Nata’’, a Portuguese candy. On Wednesday, I met some members of the Refugees Welcome in Vila Nova de Gaia and we helped a woman from Syria to make her documents and find a job. On Thursday we went to Catapulta’s office and we were informed by Vanesa and Patricia about their action. We’ve decided that we’ll do some activities with the children and the teenagers during and after school. I have some ideas that might look interesting to them.
I don’t have much to say about Friday but on Saturday I went to the city Viana do Castelo to see the play (I)migrantes. Susana and some other people invited me and it was a pleasure to join them. The play was in Portuguese but I was able to catch a few words (thank’s to Spanish). The performance of the actors was intense and strong and this helped a lot a non-portuguese speaker to feel and understand what was happening. Besides that, one of the things that surprised me was the interaction between the actors and the audience. They gave us a plastic bag where we put our phones and our ID cards and in the middle of the play we went on stage, we wore life jackets and we pretended that we were refugees who were crossing the sea. Also, the play was very convincing because in some scenes there were skype calls, at some point one of the actors smoked a cigarette and during the performance there where playing some videos as well. Instead of recorded audio there was live music with guitar and piano. In the end the audience made comments and questions to the actors. It was a touching play and everyone was clapping continuously.
Meanwhile, I have portuguese classes (3 so far) ! I try to communicate in portuguese with everyone, in the supermarket, in the office, in metro, with my flat mates… I am trying my best to learn this language and I am eager to study until I will reach a good level!
Porto is a city that reminds me of my hometown and generally my country, Greece. I feel comfortable and I could live in this place for a long time. I am grateful that I will be living here for an entire year. The spirit of the city is so positive. The people are warm and friendly, the riverside is a place that I couldn’t get bored of, no matter how many times I end up there, the colorful buildings cheer you up and the street artists make you travel with their performances and forget about your stressful thoughts.

Stay tuned to find out more!